KCSE Revision Series 1

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Specific Objectives

By the end of this examination revision series, the learner should be able to:

  1. Be more confident when sitting for an examination
  2. Strengthen own cognitive strength by revising learned concepts in preparation for KCSE examinations
  3. Acquire understanding of the language of examination questions
  4. Develop ability to perform the operations from basic to complex concepts in all subjects
  5. Develop skills in optimal utilization of time when writing an examination
  6. Develop spatial concepts and ability to use them on abstract and concrete problems
  7. Acquire the techniques of collecting, representing and interpreting data
  8. Develop positive attitudes towards learning and make good use of leisure time
  9. Develop techniques of investigation and problem solving strategies
  10. Jog memory and strengthen ability to recall concepts and information
  11. Strengthen logic and coordination
  12. Present information in comprehensive but precise format

Use the resources provided here to challenge yourself and reinforce your knowledge. Use a dedicated A4 revision book to do the examinations so that you can go back to it later.

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