project management research topics for college students in kenya

265+ Project Management Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

Every student looking for a project management research topic understands that it is a complex process, and there is always more to learn. Ongoing research is essential if you want to be a successful project manager as it allows you to efficiently and effectively complete projects by utilizing the resources you have available to you.

One of the most important aspects of a successful project is good planning and execution. This means that you need to have a good understanding of the project management process and what is involved in each step. You also need to be familiar with the tools and techniques that can help you manage your project more effectively.

By reading about project management and studying the experiences of others, you can learn what works and what doesn’t, and apply this knowledge to your own projects. In addition, research can help you to identify potential problems and risks, and to develop strategies to deal with them. It can also help you to choose the right project management tools and techniques for your project.

This list contains hundreds of project management research topics for your next project.

Business Management Research Project Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. Workplace diversity: What is the effect on staff productivity?
  2. Comparing the impact of hiring new CEO from within and outside: What effects does each have on staff morale?
  3. The role of record-keeping in the management of business ventures
  4. How to develop pricing structures that will keep the business afloat
  5. Discuss the peculiarities of merchandising and packaging
  6. Evaluate how insurance is necessary for any business
  7. Marketing strategies that will outshine competitors in a business setting
  8. How e-commerce is transforming project management in businesses
  9. The role of decision making and problem-solving in project management
  10. Why technology and analytics are important components of successful projects
  11. Why personal productivity is necessary for any project management strategy
  12. Reasons why health and behavioral science are important in project management
  13. Mobilizing change in organizations.
  14. Comparing cultural issues about doing business in Kenya and China.
  15. Comparing mobile money transfers and online-based wallets.
  16. Effectiveness of risk management strategies used by the Kenyan petroleum companies.
  17. What strategies have the best effects on staff retention? A case study of Kenya Airways.
  18. Social responsibility in small businesses: What are the impacts?
  19. Discuss the effects of globalization on project management policies
  20. Discuss the role of government policies and regulations in project management
  21. How power and influence impact award of tenders for various projects
  22. Human rights to consider in project management
  23. The role of incubation hubs in project development
  24. How to use organizational culture to the benefit of project management
  25. How to manage international businesses using social media
  26. The role of business planning in a competitive environment
  27. How different business structures affect their development paradigms
  28. How to develop effective customer service strategies for businesses
  29. Why it is necessary to resolve employment issues before they escalate
  30. Inventory control practices in business management
  31. The effects of working capital management on profitability of manufacturing companies in Kenya.
  32. The relationship between staff training and company performance.
  33. A closer look at the business plans used by steel companies in Kenya.
  34. Media relations management: How does it change after disasters?
  35. Management strategies used by multinationals entering new markets.
  36. Cultural differences and their impact in managing virtual teams.
  37. Discussing the necessity of keeping a keen eye on tax compliance in business establishments
  38. Discuss the role of entrepreneurs and founders in project development
  39. Effective operation strategies for developing projects
  40. How to adjust and adapt to organizational change
  41. Performance indicators that are necessary for competitive project management
  42. The role of feedback in the development of any commercial project
  43. Cross-functional management in projects
  44. Team member engagement in project management
  45. Legal issues in project management
  46. Political interference in development projects
  47. Evaluate various workspaces design
  48. Why should workplace health and safety be a priority in project management?
  49. Virtual teams and project management
  50. Why mission statements are necessary for project management
  51. The integration of the e-commerce in businesses.
  52. The main issues in project management: How are they addressed?
  53. Conflict management in global virtual teams.
  54. How does job enrichment affect employee performance in multinational companies?
  55. The role of mergers and acquisitions in corporate growth and development.
  56. Learning from disasters: Do companies that experience disasters emerge stronger?

Software Project Management Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. Online election management system: Analysing its effective application in the Kenyan general elections.
  2. The ethics of android employee tracking.
  3. PC chatting and image sharing system: A closer look at their effectiveness in enhancing communication.
  4. Improving students’ skills on software development: How effective are the programs used by colleges.
  5. Visualization of database schemes.
  6. Detecting phishing websites with associative classification: How effective is it?
  7. Three-level password authentication software development: What are the main challenges?
  8. Search engine algorithms: What are the impacts of regular updates on Google?
  9. Comparing websites designed by professional web designers to those made using ready-to-use templates. Which is better?
  10. Special benefits of using car transport management software.
  11. Voice recognition systems in enhancing data security.
  12. Weather forecasting with data mining: How does it compare with traditional forecasting?
  13. The impact of integrating debugging and software development events.
  14. The application of android patient trackers in the healthcare system.
  15. Are the skills acquired by students ample for them to work in software development companies? A closer look at what most companies want from new staff.
  16. The challenges faced by new software developers on the job market: What are the possible solutions?
  17. Effectiveness of face recognition attendance systems. Case study of EPZ.
  18. Smart health prediction software with data mining: How does it work?
  19. Is the blockchain technology the new solution to data security threats?
  20. The role of software testing in quality assurance in e-commerce industry

Cost Benefit Analysis Project Management Related Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. Using speed cameras to control traffic in Nairobi: Comparing the costs and benefits.
  2. Cost-benefit analysis of the utilization of public subsidies for state sports stadiums.
  3. Fishing restrictions in Lake Victoria: What are the costs and benefits?
  4. Cost-benefit analysis of the regulatory environment in international business.
  5. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of marijuana legalization.
  6. Cost and benefit analysis of shifting to green energy in homes.
  7. Cost and benefit of using prescription drugs.
  8. Comparing the costs and benefits of investing in space explorations.
  9. Space tourism: Is it a worthy consideration for tourists?
  10. State-level alcohol taxes: A cost benefit analysis.
  11. Free primary education in Kenya: A cost benefit analysis.

Agile Project Management in IT Industries Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. The use of cloud storage in the banking industry.
  2. Is 5G wireless system the future of IT?
  3. UNIX, macOS, Windows – Which is the most effective in your perspective?
  4. Cryptocurencies: Exploring the risks they pose to the traditional banking system.
  5. The peculiarities of developing software for portable workplace gadgets.
  6. A closer look at the software programs used by NPS to control and monitor traffic and security in Nairobi.
  7. Cloud technology: How did it alter the data storage industry?
  8. Virtual reality: Can it substitute actual reality?
  9. Big data analysis application in the e-commerce industry.
  10. Have we reached the end of search algorithms? A comprehensive analysis of the Google search engine algorithms.
  11. Maurice Mbetsa: How he is changing the Kenyan IT space through Numeral IOT.

Easy Project Management Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. An in-depth analysis of hospital assets in public health facilities in Nairobi.
  2. Investigate the organizational characteristics that affect project completion
  3. Identify cost-effective key performance indicators in a project?
  4. Conflicts in Africa: Analysing the effectiveness of the strategies used to address them.
  5. Exploring the impact of the internet on children’s cognitive developments.
  6. Analysing the effectiveness of alternative medicine in society.
  7. Modern improvements causing shifts in remote work environments.
  8. Emotional intelligence: How does it impact leadership in modern organizations?
  9. Analysing the effectiveness of CITES in protecting endangered world species.
  10. Effective resource management techniques for technical projects
  11. Interpersonal skills that will make a project work
  12. Ethics involved in project management
  13. Exploring the pros and cons of distant learning.
  14. World War II: Exploring the globe’s preparedness in preventing another global war.
  15. Being a nuclear power: Is it significant anymore?
  16. Strategies for business success after a recession.
  17. Evaluate the various project documentation processes
  18. How to develop better project control and management tools
  19. Discuss the differences between contractual and commercial management of projects
  20. Why delays and disruptions increase the cost of projects
  21. Discuss project mapping and progress reporting
  22. Effects of sanctions of global projects
  23. Discuss conflict resolution practices in a particular project
  24. How to develop credit risk modeling techniques for projects
  25. Why appraisals and incentives are necessary for project success
  26. Analysing the impact of the Nairobi expressway on worker productivity in Nairobi.
  27. Birth control use among teenagers: What are the implications?
  28. The importance of recycling in promoting sustainability.
  29. Social network analysis tools necessary for project management
  30. Exploring the effectiveness of strategies used to prevent the spread of AIDS in the developing world.
  31. Discuss how emotional intelligence leads to the success of a project
  32. How to develop an effective project scheduling system for large projects
  33. Why standard operating procedures are necessary for effective projects
  34. The role of teamwork and collaboration in project completion
  35. Why quality control is necessary for any successful project
  36. What are the effects of maintaining good records in a small enterprise?
  37. A review of the government building construction projects abandonment in Kenya.
  38. What is the relevance of soft skills in employees?
  39. The importance of using budgeting tools when running tech projects.
  40. The future of remote teams: What should we expect?
  41. The preparedness of the globe against unknown pandemics: A case study of WHO response to COVID-19.
  42. Are all project problems an indicator of more trouble to come?
  43. The role of identifying job descriptions in the success of projects
  44. Why it is necessary to incorporate staff retention and training in projects
  45. Why it is important to keep financial records in the implementation of a project
  46. Evaluate the design and implementation of projects
  47. Should project managers remain engaged throughout the lifecycle of a project?
  48. Impact of timely delivery of projects on economic development of countries

Interesting Project Management Research Paper Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. How to implement capital improvement projects
  2. Discuss the essence of a good project management plan before the onset
  3. Why should every project have a project tracking instrument?
  4. Why is it necessary to segment tasks in a multi-sectorial project?
  5. Discuss the process of harmonizing systems, people, and resources
  6. Evaluate how COVID-19 restrictions impacted project management policies
  7. The role of integrating people and machines in the completion of projects
  8. Analyze the role of soft skills in project success rates
  9. How does cultural diversity impact project performance in the Kenya?
  10. Use of propaganda during elections: Should it be banned?
  11. Discuss some of the leadership qualities necessary for project management
  12. The role of technology and funding in implementing projects
  13. Consider the effects of working from home on project management
  14. How global companies manage projects across various regions
  15. What is the impact of the world becoming a global village in project management?
  16. How to develop achievable goals or aspirations in a project
  17. The role of risk management before embarking on a project
  18. A review of the stalled projects and why the project managers are to blame
  19. An in-depth analysis of procurement procedures in project management
  20. The essence of addressing emerging issues in a project as soon as possible
  21. What are the differences at the micro and macro levels of a project?
  22. Steps involved in the termination process of a project
  23. Compare and contrast the procedural and mechanical parts of a project
  24. How to yield direct and proportional earnings from a project
  25. Management of a project during the economic recession
  26. Why is project management as a course in school necessary for the job market?
  27. Discuss the challenges related to transit projects
  28. Evaluate the various trends in project management in the digital age
  29. The role of leadership systems in project management
  30. Alzheimer’s disease: Is it inevitable? A closer look at different theories about its prevention.
  31. Protection against terrorism vs. civil liberties. The case of Alshabab menace at the Kenyan coast.
  32. Analysing how contagious diseases “jump” from wildlife to people.
  33. Analysing the abortion dilemmas faced by adults today.
  34. Government subsidies for agriculture: What are the effects?
  35. What are the effects of affirmative action policies in colleges?
  36. Analysing ethical practices in clothing manufacture.
  37. Compare and contrast the completion rate of government projects versus private projects.
  38. Discuss the authorization process of a project
  39. Discuss the roles of various officers involved in the running of a project
  40. What makes a particular project require a great number of resources?
  41. How to develop objectives and scope of work for different projects
  42. Analyze how the 24-hour economy is impacting the completing of massive projects
  43. Analysing the fairness of punishments for sexual crimes.
  44. Analysing the effectiveness of strategies used by companies to address global warming: A case study of a Kenyan company of your choice.
  45. The main types of cancers: A literature review of how they are related.
  46. The impacts of growing up in minority cultures/tribes.
  47. Why it is important to determine the timing of an escalation in a project
  48. The undisputed role of administrators in any project
  49. Technological systems that have made project management easier
  50. Discuss the complexity in completing different projects
  51. Biased media practices in TV reporting: What the implications?
  52. Why time management is necessary for the completion of any task
  53. Steps towards developing a working budget for a project
  54. Why do project managers write a proposal before embarking on the actual work?
  55. How often should the project manager meet to discuss the progress of a project?
  56. How to develop cost-effective projects in developed nations
  57. Discuss the various sources of primary funding for projects
  58. Why are communications skills necessary for any project?
  59. Why motivation is necessary for the completion of any project
  60. How to point out signs of retardation in a project
  61. How organizational characters affect the development of a project
  62. Torrenting sites: How do they impact the creative industry?
  63. Is punishment of hate speech crimes in Kenya yielding the expected results?
  64. Urban farming: How effective is it in cutting costs at the family level?
  65. Bullying in school: What are the implications on the mental health of students?

Construction Project Management Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. Phases of project management
  2. How to manage change in a project
  3. The latest trends in construction automation.
  4. Technology application in the construction industry: How is it shaping the industry?
  5. Project delays in the construction industry: What are the main causes?
  6. The importance of cost management in construction projects.
  7. Student-centered symposiums in project management
  8. Cheap project management solutions that offer quality output
  9. The role of expatriates in development projects
  10. What is the importance of business information modelling in the construction industry?
  11. Implications of substance abuse among construction workers.
  12. Pre-fabrication technology application in the Kenyan construction industry.
  13. Energy performance certificates: Why are they so important in construction projects?
  14. Analysing the impact of eco-friendly considerations when planning construction projects.
  15. Comparing the bridge designs of the 18th century to those of the modern era.
  16. Construction industry commercialization: What are the main driving forces?
  17. Traditional methods of maintaining mud houses: What is their effectiveness?
  18. What are the key indicators of sustainable construction materials?
  19. The importance of material management in the construction industry.
  20. Best practices in digital project management
  21. How English as a language necessitates project management
  22. A closer look at gender diversity in the construction industry in the Kenya.
  23. Is it possible to enhance the viability of construction projects without charging higher rent?
  24. Best practices for energy efficiency in the construction industry.
  25. Online technologies that offer innovative project management ideas
  26. Reviewing the innovative solutions used in the construction industry between 2000 and 2020.
  27. Developing sustainable construction projects
  28. The impact of building information modeling
  29. Collaborative work in project management
  30. Agile innovation methods for project success
  31. Quantitative tools for project management
  32. The revival of the construction project economy
  33. A comprehensive analysis of the suitability of solar houses designed and built in the 20th century.
  34. The importance of waste management in the construction of modern houses.
  35. Exploring the reliability timber frames in modern construction?

Human Resources Project Management Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. What is the effectiveness of using virtual team in organizations?
  2. Staff motivation in the tech industry: A case study of Naivas.
  3. Comparing the pros and cons of job specialization in the banking industry
  4. Sexual harassment at the workplace: Analysing the main causes.
  5. What factors influence the loyalty of staff in a manufacturing organization? A case study of Brookside Dairies.
  6. Additional salary bonuses and their effects on staff motivation.
  7. The effectiveness of strategies used to resolve staff conflicts in the Kenyan aviation industry.
  8. The effectiveness of recruiting directly from colleges.
  9. Career planning: The impacts of cantering it around companies.
  10. Talent management strategies used in top logistics companies in Kenya. Case study of Siginon logistics and Buzeki.
  11. Effective communication and its impact on business success: A case study of Safaricom.
  12. Protecting company data in the age of modern security threats.
  13. Tools and criteria used for assessing staff performance.
  14. A closer look at the HR management challenges during mergers and acquisitions.
  15. Comparing the effectiveness of different reward mechanisms used by industrial organizations.
  16. Financial risk management: What strategies can a new company use to double its profits?
  17. Staff training and development: What are the effects of a company paying for its staff training?
  18. Improving employee efficiency through training: How does it work?
  19. Performance management in the tech-driven world: Is it relevant anymore?
  20. Analysing the effectiveness of strategies used to keep staff safe in their workplace.
  21. Leadership and change management.
  22. How do companies develop their organizational culture?
  23. Revisiting the organization culture theory: What is its relevance in the modern workplace?

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