nursing research topics for college students in kenya

290+ Nursing Research Topics & Project Ideas for College Students in Kenya

Every college student dreads the process of coming up with a novel nursing project idea. It takes a lot of brain power to put together a research project that will wow the professors and earn you excellent grades. That is why I have put together this list to help you narrow down your search and come up with an excellent project topic regardless of your area of specialization.

Nursing Leadership Project Ideas for College Students in Kenya

  1. Nurse leadership: Passion or Duty?
  2. Role of transformational leadership among nurse managers
  3. Significance of communication among interprofessional team nurse leaders
  4. Management styles in nursing
  5. Improving nursing leadership skills
  6. Interview with a nurse leader
  7. Strategies to Address the Shortage of Respiratory Therapists and Ventilators during Disaster (Covid19 Pandemic Case Study)
  8. Strength and weaknesses of charge nurses
  9. Importance of charismatic leadership among nurse leaders
  10. The stress management approach for nurse leaders
  11. The role of charismatic leadership among nurse leaders
  12. A comprehensive study of the problems facing modern nurse leaders
  13. Effective use of organizational tactics to motivate healthcare personnel
  14. Professional development strategies for nurses
  15. Importance of ethical practice among nurse leaders
  16. Impact of nurse leadership on patient outcomes
  17. Significance of nurse leadership
  18. What is leadership from a nursing perspective?
  19. Long term and short-term goals for clinical leaders
  20. Theories that support nurse leadership
  21. Importance of nurse leaders in quality improvement projects
  22. How nurse leaders can initiate and manage change
  23. The link between nurse leadership and change management
  24. Impacts of nurse engagement and inclusion on patient outcomes
  25. Organizational strategies nurse leaders can use to motivate the healthcare personnel
  26. Challenges facing contemporary nurse leaders
  27. Role of nurse leaders in solving conflicts in clinical settings
  28. Nurse leaders as patient advocates
  29. Role of nurse leaders in preventing violence in emergency rooms
  30. How nurse leaders can address burnout among nurses
  31. Importance of having a personal leadership philosophy as a nurse leader
  32. Leadership in the Kenyan Health system
  33. Influential nurse leaders in the political space
  34. Role of nurse managers in healthcare
  35. Nurse leadership qualities and behavior
  36. Traits of a great nurse leader
  37. Comparing and contrasting nurse leadership roles in private and public hospitals.
  38. Difference between accountability among nurse leaders in developed nations and developing nations
  39. Nurse leaders as change agents in healthcare settings
  40. Effective nursing leadership styles
  41. Leadership in nursing education
  42. Student nurses and leadership
  43. Top qualities of a great nurse leader
  44. Evaluation of leadership qualities the deliver excellence in a nursing setting
  45. Productivity of nurse leaders in public versus private hospitals
  46. Emergency room conflict and the role of nurse leaders in resolving it
  47. Effective strategies charge nurses can implement in addressing stress and burnout among nurses
  48. Role of nurse leaders in shaping public policy
  49. Leadership characteristics that represent excellence
  50. Defining leadership in nursing
  51. Training plan for nurse leaders
  52. Transactional leadership approach among nurses
  53. The future of nurse leadership
  54. How nurse leaders can ensure team leadership for the best collaboration in healthcare teams
  55. Impact of recognition program on Registered Nurses motivation level
  56. Pharmaceutical Companies Overpricing Medication: Background and Policy Landscape
  57. The Roles of Nursing Organizations in Shaping the future of nursing

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas for College Students in Kenya

  1. Adoption of e-learning in healthcare management
  2. Adoption of transformative technology such as CDSS in clinical settings
  3. The use of big data in clinical research
  4. Use of electronic medical records in acute care
  5. Significance of mHealth apps on mental health care access by rural populations
  6. Nursing Faculty Perceptions on the Use of Computer-Based Virtual Simulation in an Associate Degree Nursing Program
  7. Developing and Improving the safety and security of patients through comprehensive data research
  8. Methods for storing and keeping nursing informatics data
  9. Data governance in healthcare settings
  10. Impacts of a healthcare data breach
  11. Use of Healthcare Information Technology to support evidence-based practice in nursing
  12. Importance of clinical support decision making systems
  13. The use of technology to bridge the nurse shortage gaps in rural areas
  14. Electronic health records in healthcare
  15. Nurse informatics competencies
  16. Meaningful use and HIT
  17. Priorities for informatics investment in the future
  18. Utilization of modern-day systems for reliable nursing information
  19. Collaborative decision making through shared governance in healthcare
  20. Ethics and data management in healthcare
  21. The use of big data in healthcare settings
  22. Robotics in surgery
  23. The use of electronic health records to offer patient-centered care
  24. Assisting recovering centers
  25. Role of nursing informatics in quality improvement
  26. E-learning as a professional development approach among nurses
  27. Advantages and disadvantages of the current health records system
  28. Current situation of nursing informatics in developing countries
  29. Impact of nursing informatics on the quality of nursing services
  30. HITECH Legislation and Electronic Medical Records in healthcare
  31. Health Information as a strategic resource in the Australian settings
  32. The Impact of Nursing Informatics on Patient Outcomes and Patient Care Efficiencies
  33. Healthcare management information system
  34. Developing digital literacies for nursing school students
  35. Barriers to competency development in nursing informatics
  36. Integrating health informatics to nursing education
  37. The use of smartphones in inpatient management and education
  38. The use of simulation for nursing students

Nursing Practice Project Ideas for College Students in Kenya

  1. Oxygen Use in Patients with COPD
  2. Measuring Blood Pressure Noninvasively in Children
  3. Intravenous Catheter Size and Blood Administration
  4. The historical perspectives on evidence-based nursing
  5. The ethical side of abortion care
  6. Adolescent education in gynecology
  7. Preparations for cesarean section
  8. Rules for infant resuscitation
  9. Checklist for delivery list behavior
  10. Recommendations for prenatal care
  11. Dealing appropriately with foreign patients
  12. Data collection ethics in primary healthcare
  13. Stress management practices for nurses on a night shift
  14. How to apply the Nurse Bedside Shift Report
  15. How experience and education impact medication mistakes for Registered nurses
  16. Consequences of intentional sabotage and bullying for nurses at the workplace
  17. Analysis of nursing behavior towards HIV and Aids patients
  18. Psychiatric care and mental health issues in adults
  19. Productive programs for obesity and weight management among seniors
  20. A case study of joint disorders in the elderly population
  21. Interventions for managing socially impaired behavior among adult patients with dementia
  22. Utilizing technology to boost the safety of patients in nursing homes

Nursing Project Topics for Primary Health Care Research for College Students in Kenya

  1. Health financing strategy
  2. Effectiveness of honey-based products in wound care
  3. Medical staff attitude and knowledge about in-patient falls
  4. Patient fall rates in the acute care in-patient hospitals
  5. Patient fall education and patient safety
  6. Nurse education on patient falls and safety culture
  7. Strategies to reduce patient injuries from falls
  8. Fall prevention practices at home
  9. Evidence-based practice falls intervention strategies in hospital settings.
  10. The use of video and camera monitoring to prevent falls among elderly patients
  11. The use of technology in fall prevention
  12. Role of hospital leadership in preventing patient falls
  13. Quality improvement program for reducing falls in medical-surgical units
  14. Factors contributing to psychiatric patient falls in hospitals
  15. Creating a safety culture that prevents falls
  16. Multifactorial fall risk assessment
  17. Healthcare Managers Role in Fall-Related Injury Prevention in Assisted Living Facilities
  18. Fall risk among osteoporosis patients
  19. Multifactorial interventions for the prevention of falls among elderly patients
  20. Use of exercise in reducing falls among elderly patients
  21. The Morse fall risk scale and its significance in fall risk assessment and management
  22. Characteristics of at fall risk patients
  23. Using engineering controls to prevent falls among patients and the elderly
  24. Outpatient fall risk assessment tool
  25. Effects of implementing evidence-based fall risk scale on fall rates
  26. Standardized fall risk assessment tool
  27. Prevention of patient falls through education
  28. Fall prevention strategies in home settings
  29. Fall prevention strategies in hospitals
  30. Potential causes of falls in hospitals
  31. Defining fall and fall risk patient
  32. The use of SPICES framework and FAMILY cards to assess old patients
  33. Nursing interventions to prevent falls
  34. Home environment assessment for elderly patients
  35. Safety awareness activities for elderly patients
  36. Strategies and tools to address patient falls in nursing homes
  37. Recommendations based on primary care knowledge
  38. Ethics for data collection in primary health care
  39. An economic evaluation of primary health care
  40. Methods of assessing the quality of medical care
  41. Environmental assessment and modification as a fall management strategy
  42. Home modification approach to falls management
  43. Impacts of the design of healthcare stings/environments on patient fall
  44. Physical environmental risk factors for elderly falls
  45. Home safety modifications to reduce fall injuries among geriatric patients
  46. Defining different methods to manage and process wounds
  47. Modern vaccination program in rural and remote areas
  48. Impacts of visiting home nurses on reducing in-patient falls
  49. Role of pharmacists in addressing patient falls
  50. An interdisciplinary approach to fall management in clinical settings
  51. Hourly Rounding and Fall Prevention among the elderly in long term care: A change process.
  52. The private sector in the mental health system
  53. Integration of childcare into basic medical care
  54. ER symptoms that cannot be explained medically
  55. The involvement of local pharmacists in the work of doctors
  56. Strategies to curb patient falls in a home setting
  57. Implementing technology in the prevention of falls among elderly patients
  58. Fall risk assessment among psychiatric patients

Nursing Topics on ER, Theater & Capstone Project Ideas on Mental Health for College Students in Kenya

  1. Causes of depression
  2. Alcohol addiction disorder
  3. Diagnosis of schizophrenia
  4. Bipolar disorder
  5. PTSD for KDF veterans
  6. Police stress
  7. Health education approach for mentally ill patients
  8. Addressing stigma among careers and patients with mental health issues
  9. Teen aggression and video games
  10. Use of prohibited substances
  11. Psychiatric patient ethics
  12. Methods of recovery and damage to the body
  13. The link between mental health issues and homelessness
  14. Detrimental effects of sexual assault on children
  15. Impacts of domestic violence on children
  16. The relationship between mental health and {subject of your choice}
  17. Evaluating readiness for psychological rehabilitation
  18. How autonomous decision making is affected by mental illness
  19. Putting postnatal depression into perspective
  20. Managing dementia patients with non-pharmacological methods
  21. The correlation between caring behavior and emotional intelligence for nurses in Emergency Rooms
  22. Analyzing the link between compassion fatigue and exercise among medical surgery nurses
  23. How to enhance safety in operating rooms
  24. Ways to boost patient flow in an urgent care facility
  25. Strategies to curb distress among isolated marrow and blood transplant patients post-transplantation
  26. Dealing with the aftermath of a cancer surgery

Research Topics for for College Nursing Students in Kenya

  1. Development of a new mental health guide for educators
  2. The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques in psychiatric facilities
  3. Art therapy and mental health
  4. Causes of suicide among youths
  5. Child and adolescent psychiatry
  6. Substance abuse disorders
  7. Substance abuse among the geriatric population
  8. Treatment of Arthritis
  9.  Bedside shift report implantation
  10.  Preventing and managing measures of diabetes
  11.  HPV awareness and vaccination
  12.  Visitation model review
  13.  The link between homelessness and mental health issues
  14. The efficiency of Yoga in maintaining mental health wellbeing
  15. Use of expressive art therapy for positive youth development
  16. Using CBT for PTSD affected veterans
  17. Impact of sexual abuse on children
  18. How domestic violence affects the children
  19. Culture-based mental health programs
  20. Impacts of bullying at the workplace for new nurses
  21. Planning emergency measures
  22.  Optimizing of a phone app for patients who inflict self-harm
  23.  How ER patients are affected by color
  24.  Emergency salary for nurses
  25.  Can emergency calls be easier?
  26. Causes and treatment of ADHD
  27. Vaccination and autism
  28. Antibiotic resistance in preschool children
  29. Mental health issues among the aboriginal populations
  30. Understanding postnatal depression among women
  31. Mental health nursing for adolescents
  32. Mental health scales best for children in prison
  33. Access to mental health services by aboriginals or a specific population
  34. Lateral violence among nurses
  35. Effectiveness of mental health services for deaf service users
  36. Outcome measures for an inpatient with mental health issues
  37. Mental illness and autonomous decision making
  38. Psychological rehabilitation readiness assessment
  39. Links between heritage, arts, museums, and mental health
  40. Impacts of teenage suicides
  41. Preparing student nurses to manage trauma in clinical settings
  42. Mental health simulation models for ADN students
  43. Perception of Intellectual Disability Nurses by other nurses
  44. Eating disorders and their effects on social media
  45. Causes of seizures in infants
  46. Medical practices for teenagers
  47. Child obesity and healthy eating
  48. Psychological aspects of baby care
  49. Treatment of the acute coronary syndrome
  50. Obesity and weight management
  51. Ketamine infusion therapy
  52. Tobacco dependence
  53. Safety in the psychiatric centers
  54. Preventing falls in psychiatric facilities

Midwifery Topics & Women’s Health Research Project Ideas for College Students in Kenya

  1. Treatment and prognosis for breast cancer
  2. Ethical rules for infertility
  3. Menopause Challenge
  4. Impact of diabetes during pregnancy
  5. Relationship between HPV and cancer of the cervix
  6. Prevalence of fibroids and uterine cancer in women
  7. How breastfeeding impacts immune levels in children
  8. Modern infant practices
  9. Analysis of ovarian disorders
  10. The link between HPV and cervical cancer
  11. Mammography to detect breast cancers in women
  12. Gestational diabetes management
  13. Birth control approach among women
  14. Ectopic pregnancy
  15. Breast pumps and breastfeeding
  16. The use of codeine and tramadol products in breastfeeding women
  17. Nutritional management during pregnancy
  18. Management of endometriosis
  19. Use of supplements when breastfeeding
  20. Managing menopause
  21. Reproductive endocrinology
  22. Sleep disorders in women
  23. Women’s sexual health disorders
  24. Emergency contraception/ birth control
  25. Female genital mutilation and sexual health of women
  26. Impacts of fibroids on women
  27. Menopause in women
  28. Breastfeeding, work, and women of low socio-economic status
  29. Normal versus cesarean births
  30. Epidural in induced births
  31. Pelvic floor issues in women
  32. Factors that influence the decision to breastfeed
  33. Causes of vaginal atrophy
  34. Various practices of pregnant mothers and child delivery in rural areas
  35. Prenatal designation: first analysis
  36. Causes of mental illness during the postpartum period
  37. A review of shift midwives and study length
  38. Self-taught equipment and training injuries
  39. The importance of midwives continuing treatment
  40. Pregnancy challenges to gain weight
  41. Addressing mental health among pregnant women in rural areas
  42. Constipation after cesarean surgery
  43. Analysis of labor efficiency
  44. Positive experiences with childbirth
  45. The best safety rules for pregnant women
  46. Preeclampsia among women
  47. Postpartum depression among women
  48. Diabetes management during pregnancy
  49. Urine incontinence in women
  50. Uterine cancer and fibroids in women
  51. Postmenstrual syndrome and hormonal changes
  52. Smoking and pregnancy
  53. Infant mortality and preterm birth among African American women
  54. Teenage pregnancy
  55. Preventing pregnant women from Zika Virus

Ethical & Controversial Research Topics in Nursing for College Students in Kenya

  1. Examination of joint disease in the elderly
  2. Home treatment for patient support during chemotherapy
  3. Examination of atrial fibrillation
  4. Therapy for bladder cancer
  5. Cardiovascular risk reduction
  6. Intensive care requirements
  7. Geriatric ethics
  8. Stroke and cerebrovascular disease
  9. Restless legs syndrome
  10. Precautions for Parkinson’s Disease
  11. The clinical role of a nurse
  12.  Specialist in social work and the role of health promotion
  13.  Between career and professional service
  14.  Diversity of health services
  15.  Uniform code for nurses
  16.  Gender bias in the nursing profession
  17.  Shortage of men in health care
  18.  Legal apologies and medical decisions
  19.  Home medical services
  20.  Health contract restrictions

Pediatric & Nursing Quality Improvement Research Topics for College Students in Kenya

  1. The maximizing of patient outcome and cutting costs of improved management of fungal infection
  2.  Managing risk of the mortality rate of infant
  3.  Enhancing experiences of cancer patients with easy access to radiotherapy and multidisciplinary assessment
  4.  Employing electronic data in identifying problems of secondary care during weekends
  5.  Online guide or self-help for cancer and depressed teens
  6. Assessment of child behavior in pediatric primary care
  7.  Ethics in pediatric care
  8.  Reasons why mother’s health may be under threat during childbirth
  9.  Child’s health insurance: right or privilege?
  10.  Evaluation of childbirth efficacy

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